Installing two (3, 4, 5… etc) OS on the same drive partition

My goal was to use Windows XP and Windows 2003 on the same partition (disk C:\ ) of my PC, where was already installed Windows XP.
I’ve booted into Windows PE (Windows Live CD) and moved folders C:\Windows, C:\Program Files, C:\Documents and Settings and files boot.ini, ntldr, into folder C:\OLD_XP. Further I’ve installed Windows 2003 as usual.
I’ve read that it is possible to install first Windows XP and then install Windows 2003 to another folder (e.g. WINNT) – as well as it keeps subfolders of ‘Documents and Settings’ under names like “All users.PCNAME”, “Administrator.PCNAME” et cetera.
Reading further I’ve understood all bootmanagers (like popular powerful SyMon) requires separate partition for every new OS.
Then I have remembered my university years with Windows 2000, when I was using bootmanager ‘Acronis OS Selector’ (OSS), which is just moves system folders of the prepared OS for booting. OSS just keeps your operating system files (like boot.ini, ntldr) and folders under the C:\BOOTWIZ directory, figuratively speaking – like C:\BOOTWIZ\OS1_XP or C:\BOOTWIZ\OS2_SRV2003:
and, after selecting a system to boot, OSS moves folders Windows, Program Files, Users from C:\BOOTWIZ\OS1_XP into root and starts the OS.
Version of Acronis OS Selector was 5.x:
Now OSS is a part of Acronis Disk Director (ADD) (for Windows 2003 you need ADD Server version).
Unfortunately, the OS Selector utility that used to be a part of the previous versions of Acronis Disk Director has been discontinued in ADD v12.x. When you install Acronis Disk Director 12, your instance of OS Selector will be irrevocably removed.
Important note – OS Selector versions like 5.x or 8.x cannot use NTFS volumes for BOOTWIZ folder, so it’s strongly recommended to use Acronis OS Selector version 11.x (which distributed as a part of ADD, but still can be downloaded separately). It saves you from shrinking volume to create 16-mb FAT32 partition.
On first launch OSS requires Acronis Disk Director to be installed already.
So, if OSS still says something like “Disk Director cannot be found on this PC” – just create REG_SZ parameter MainExePath under the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Acronis\DiskDirector\Settings (note that procmon showed separate Acronis and as one word ‘DiskDirector’ subkey). I’ve put there ‘diskDirector10.exe’ filename and path:
After first reboot, OSS found my Windows 2003 and added it to the bootmanager menu.
To add my old XP into the menu I’ve just cloned existing Windows:
& have changed parameter os_type=”nt2003″ to os_type=”ntxp” in the hidden file C:\BOOTWIZ\bootwiz.oss and replaced everything in newly created C:\BOOTWIZ\b0caf7a6 (on the screenshot above) with content of my C:\OLD_XP folder. Voila.
In case of MBR fail (can’t boot the PC at all) usually we booting from Windows recovery CD, launch commands ‘fixboot’ and ‘fixmbr’, start OS and then just launch OSS and select the menu:

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