1. Uchla
    09.02.2015 @ 22:08

    „I knew if I stayed around long enough something like this would happen“
    1950, 2 ноября. Смерть Бернарда Шоу. «Я знал, что если проживу достаточно долго, что то в этом роде должно было случиться» — такую эпитафию он написал для себя.


  2. Ди
    09.02.2015 @ 22:11

    Где можно найти сочинение на английском по „Театру“ Моэма?
    Например, про Томаса Феннела


    • Uchla
      09.02.2015 @ 22:17


  3. Thomas Fennell
    09.02.2015 @ 22:18

    Вот пересказанное своими словами про Тома Феннела
    Thomas Fennell was a young accountant, recruited by Julia’s husband to normalize general ledger of a theater.
    Tom taught Michael to avoid some taxes and Mike introduced him to Julia in thanks.
    Tom was a very shy and modest man, he hesitated of Julia.
    Michael gave him a ticket to a play.
    The next day Tom invited her to his flat where they kissed each other. Julia fell in love with him.
    Because of Tom’s poverty she gave to the young lover a lot of gifts, payed for him.
    But Tom was lost in admiration of a young girl named Evis and Julia was full of fury and jealousy.
    He asked her to put Evis in a new play.
    But Evis failed this because of Julia’s revenge and Tom again fell in love with her.
    The last strings of novel describe how a great actress found happiness.


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