How do I change my email address of QQ / QQ International?

Here is briefly described how to change the Email from the QQ Account without losing any data.

  1. Open and press to 帐号密码登录 (“Log in using credentials”):

  2. Put your QQ ID and password here, then press Enter:
  3. On the top menu select third 帐号 (Account):
  4. And press 解绑 (Unbind) here:
  5. Press 确定 (Define):

    Press 完成 (Complete) to close the information window. Congratulations! Now we need to bind new e-mail address
  6. Press 立即绑定 (Bind now):
  7. Put new e-mail address in the box:

    and press 确定 (Define)
  8. Check your mailbox and click on the link provided:
  9. Put your QQ ID again:

    and press the button

Voila, here you go!