Debain LXDE on WYSE Cx0 with winetricks and vncserver

The task: replace Windows XP on a WYSE Cx0 thin clients with Linux. The thinclients are just infopanels for statistics_diagrams-fromSQLserver.exe file. So additionally we need wine-bin and a VNC server.
Ubuntu 14 from usb-stick just hangs during install and Debian 8 stopped with “can’t install” message, so finally I have connected Sony DRX800UL external DVD-writer and install Debian Squeeze (openbox-lxde) from DVD.
First, to avoid noises on the display – remove the videodriver:

Then I have removed, gimp, xsane, iceweasel, alsa* and so on.
Cause my windows software needs connection to SQLSERVER I have to install MDAC 2.8 through winetricks.

Next step is installing VNC server:

and command vncserver at first time will ask for password.
Further lets create autostart shortcut to loop the tightvncserver on the display :0 – /home/

Last step is adding locale:

(US and ru_RU.UTF-8)


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